World Cup Final!

I had such a good time with the world cup give away I am going to make some more! 4 more, one of a player from each team again.

To win comment on this post by 3pm tomorrow, Saturday the 10th, and I will do a drawing. The top four names will get one.

I am curious to see who you think will win each game, so give your line up in your comment too!

My guess is:
3rd-Uruguay (mainly because they are my favs!)

This is how the cards will look. Although, I have made my choices as to who I am drawing next. If anyone would like a specific player, please shoot me an email, I am willing to take commissions.

I think again, if you have already won a card you aren’t eligible to win for this round. Although, once I do a new give away all bets are off and everyone is in.

Thanks for participating šŸ™‚

UPDATE: The Cards being given away this round. (we had babysitters today)

8 thoughts on “World Cup Final!

  1. I am rooting for the Netherlands, but expect Spain to beat them. For runner ups, I pick Germany over Uruguay.

  2. Of course I *have* to support Holland! But, I am very happy Spain beat Germany. Here’s hoping I have a happy husband on Sunday šŸ˜‰

  3. Spain will be the World Soccer Champions….2-0 final score


  4. I’m for Deutschland, and you know why. Getting to see Manchester against Philly this month…..woooo!

  5. Thank you all for playing! I don’t know what I am going to do without World Cup for the rest of the summer or for the next 4 years! It’s good to know so many of you care about it too.

    I did a drawing from the people who commented Michelle, Jared, Chuck and Sorell were the names pulled out in that order! CONGRATS! You will each be getting a card in the mail.

    Come back again, I will give away art another day too if you didn’t get picked this time.


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