a Trade

At the beginning of the year a friend of mine, Miguel A. Cardona Jr. posted some characterized profile pictures on facebook. They turned out to be a project of his, check them out. He has a tutorial on the process, too.

Anyway, I loved them! So, we set up a trade, I would draw something for him if he would make one of these pictures of me. This is what he gave me.

So, it is my turn to finish up my drawing of him! Here they are:

a Brief Caricature History on me: In a past life (college) I would draw caricatures at campus events. I really loved doing it, capturing a likeness is a joy. To keep them speedy 10-15 min. I used sharpies and crayons. After a night of breathing in the sharpie scent and laughing with people I would usually end up hoarse, but with a smile. This was so much a part of school life I made one for each person in CSH (Computer Science House-a group I was in during college), which were used for their yearbook. It was great to go back and make another one tonight.

I am always up for a trade.

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