Office Titans

Maybe some things in the sketchbook aren’t meant to be seen by anyone but the artist. They are practice. A moment of learning rather than a great piece of art or something that anyone wants to look at. But, I made a deal with myself that I would post two times a week covering my two themes. Husband’s choice was skipped last week for world cup, but I couldn’t let it go again.

This went from giants walking through cubicles, to the original Greek Titans sitting at a meeting table, to them huddling around the cubicle, to this.

Dwight pining to be part of the office gossip around the water cooler. I remember this episode where he felt that people around the water cooler held more power and the idea seemed to fit. It also required much less research on my part, to look up this photo and just draw it. Then getting to practice with markers to push line and shadow. I was having trouble since I first drew with a blue prismacolor, the thin point sharpie kept getting gunked up with wax-Jim ended up with a mustache! I had to use the thick sharpie for more than I wanted. I like the exercise of working outside my comfort zone though. Thank you for the suggestion.

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