World Cup Final!

I had such a good time with the world cup give away I am going to make some more! 4 more, one of a player from each team again.

To win comment on this post by 3pm tomorrow, Saturday the 10th, and I will do a drawing. The top four names will get one.

I am curious to see who you think will win each game, so give your line up in your comment too!

My guess is:
3rd-Uruguay (mainly because they are my favs!)

This is how the cards will look. Although, I have made my choices as to who I am drawing next. If anyone would like a specific player, please shoot me an email, I am willing to take commissions.

I think again, if you have already won a card you aren’t eligible to win for this round. Although, once I do a new give away all bets are off and everyone is in.

Thanks for participating 🙂

UPDATE: The Cards being given away this round. (we had babysitters today)

Germany vs Spain

Today’s give away are two more trading cards. I picked players that have stood out in my opinion or are in a run for the Golden Boot.

note: The white patch on Piqué is for his always having an injury on his face.

To win, comment on this post about which World Cup team you think will win today. If you guess right, then you will be in the running to receive one of the cards. If you won a card yesterday you aren’t eligible to win today, but don’t hesitate to throw a guess out there!

Good luck, thanks for participating, and enjoy the World Cup!

World Cup Giveaway

Please forgive my lateness on today’s giveaway! It was hot and we couldn’t keep electricity on for my computer and the AC.

We are back on track and have the items to be given away. Here are two players from today’s match. Robben – NED and Forlan – URG These are original trading cards made by me.

The three people that commented all guessed that the Netherlands would win so they were all in a drawing to see who would receive the pieces. First picked was Steve, CONGRATS!, you get Robben. Second picked was Paige, CONGRATS! you get Forlan. As Chuck put in a guess for tomorrow’s game too he is in the running for winning one of the two pieces for tomorrow. I will be posting those later tonight/tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for that post!

First Giveway

To celebrate the semi finals of the world cup I am going to give away some of my own illustrated trading cards of players in the final four teams.

There will be two cards each day one for each team playing.

This is how you win one. Comment below the team that you think will win before half time. The game starts at 2:30pm so half time should be around 3:15pm. If you miss today, you can catch tomorrow.

Winners will be revealed at the end of the game. To win you have to choose the team that wins. Then if there are more than two people who pick the right team, I will pick two names at random.

I will update the post later today with scans of the two cards for today.

The teams today are Netherlands vs Uruguay.

Update: Having some technical difficulties so I only have a rough trading card to show for now. They will be awesome! What you will be getting is a 2.5 x 3.5 original by me. Just post a comment of who you think will win.