First Giveway

To celebrate the semi finals of the world cup I am going to give away some of my own illustrated trading cards of players in the final four teams.

There will be two cards each day one for each team playing.

This is how you win one. Comment below the team that you think will win before half time. The game starts at 2:30pm so half time should be around 3:15pm. If you miss today, you can catch tomorrow.

Winners will be revealed at the end of the game. To win you have to choose the team that wins. Then if there are more than two people who pick the right team, I will pick two names at random.

I will update the post later today with scans of the two cards for today.

The teams today are Netherlands vs Uruguay.

Update: Having some technical difficulties so I only have a rough trading card to show for now. They will be awesome! What you will be getting is a 2.5 x 3.5 original by me. Just post a comment of who you think will win.

4 thoughts on “First Giveway

  1. Germany all the way! I like the Netherlands as well, but it seems somehow inappropriate for the Dutch to win in South Africa.

  2. I have to agree. Hoping the Dutch will win today and Germany will win theirs. Would really love to see the Netherlands take the cup, but feel it will be Germany.

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