Ripples the Great

Happy Fourth of July! What a great day of celebrating our country. We went to watch the U.S.S. Constitution fire its cannons. With many boats in the harbor and crowds all around the ringing of horns and cheering after the magnificent display was awe inspiring.

We watched from a clover field and as we left I got stung by a bee! On the bottom of my left wrist, right where I rest it while I draw. So, I am glad I got my Ripples drawings done yesterday.

Just as artists heard the call to come to help Ripples, musicians from the Gulf are hearing it too. Here are more players coming to join the Gulf Band.

Thank you for being our inspiration Kelly and bringing us all together.

These will be posted soon, but Ripple is busy right now with the Great American Illustrator’s pieces. Be sure to check them out, instructions are on the right.

Also, on my site, going to do a give away to celebrate the Semi Finals of the World Cup! Keep watch for more information soon!

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