Sketchbook Project 2012

Okay time to make the longest scrolling post I can today! I finished my sketchbook project just in time toget to the post office by the end of the day. It means my final product looks a bit more like a color comp but I’m happy with it. I didn’t compromise any page, no spread was simplified in the base drawing, I just did my watercolors REALLY fast. It’s a sketchbook right? It’s not supposed to be perfect. Unless you look at most of the other submissions, people take this project to an incredible level. Such as Emily Grandin or Alina Chau’s from 2011 or Gina Perry to name a few.
I didn’t procrastinate getting my book done this month, the procrastinated happened over the summer. I waited to finish it when I was scheduled to the max! I couldn’t let myself not complete my book. So, I didn’t sleep last night and missed a few meals today but it’s done! This is how it looked as it went out the door.

Monochromatic: Where did the other colors go?!

I do realize a couple of my animals aren’t the appropriate sizing in comparison to each other but, I wasn’t trying to be perfectly accurate.

Monochromatic – 7

Here is the line art for page 7! Things have been so busy my sketchbook project has been languishing in the sidelines. I decided to warm up by drawing this page. I will add in the monotone later.

It has been a wild 5 days. On Friday I was featured on Behance Network’s front page! As of today I am on page 2 of their featured projects. I am beside myself with the recognition my Animals in Alphabet has received. Since then a few other websites have picked up my project, Plog(they actually posted a couple days before the Behance release),, chuk*num, blogyst, and Don Serifa. I have been doing my best to keep up sending thanks you and responding to questions. Thank you everyone for sharing my work. I appreciate all of the comments. The response is so encouraging. I want to get to work making more art.

If you have popped over here and are wondering, the X is missing but, is planned to be completed in February. That is when I will have time to finish it.

Thank you!

I’m head over heals!

Monochromatic – 3

My site wigged out yesterday. Everyone say THANK YOU to Matt for staying up late and rescuing my blog. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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