Monochromatic – 7

Here is the line art for page 7! Things have been so busy my sketchbook project has been languishing in the sidelines. I decided to warm up by drawing this page. I will add in the monotone later.

It has been a wild 5 days. On Friday I was featured on Behance Network’s front page! As of today I am on page 2 of their featured projects. I am beside myself with the recognition my Animals in Alphabet has received. Since then a few other websites have picked up my project, Plog(they actually posted a couple days before the Behance release),, chuk*num, blogyst, and Don Serifa. I have been doing my best to keep up sending thanks you and responding to questions. Thank you everyone for sharing my work. I appreciate all of the comments. The response is so encouraging. I want to get to work making more art.

If you have popped over here and are wondering, the X is missing but, is planned to be completed in February. That is when I will have time to finish it.

Thank you!

I’m head over heals!

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