December – Monochromatic

The ultimate balancing act for most creative people, the month of December. Not only are you trying to juggle your normal work load, you have holiday shopping or gift creating, lots of holiday events, travel, family, if you run a small shop for yourself extra time needed to making new stock, then any added requests from friends or benefit events, and any early presents you have that you can’t help but play with, such as a new video game. All of this is wonderful but, you can feel like your head is going to explode.

As the procrastinator I can be, on projects that don’t have pacing deadlines, I am trying to get all of that done and my Sketchbook Project for 2012. I am very happy to have this creative outlet at my finger tips but, part of me does wish I had taken care of this in September. Although, I was able to complete 5 spreads over the Holiday weekend as I watched my husband and mother in-law play Zelda in the same room with me and my sister in-law play Zelda in Florida via Facetime. I was impressed with how well Facetime applied to this situation as we traded tips on the game play through video chat. We all had a great time and I ended a weekend of playing a video game feeling accomplished.

Here is the start of Sketchbook Project 2012 replacing my Tuesday Postings:

And a sneak peak at the middle spread:

I wrote a story for my sketchbook this year.

Quote Quiz: “Welcome to the Party Pal”

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