Pencil’s Choice

Occasionally it’s good to let your pencil dictate what you are going to draw. It is a good way to start your drawing day. This is who my pencil introduced me too last night.

Yesterday I was featured on the PiBoIdMo blog. Check out my article. Thank you Tara Lazar for having me over.

Quote Quiz “It’s aint’ cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving.”

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Ghostly Leaves

Remember my picking up leaves project last year?

Well this year I didn’t leave my leaves to languish in a drawer. hehe. I picked this one up Friday and glued it down and painted it all by Sunday! Nothing feels better than getting some projects done. I also did a test image of leaves as a fire and another Halloween image that I will share soon.

Halloween is getting close! Time to start dancing 🙂

Quote Quiz:”It sucked his brains out!”

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Fanartica’s Choice

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to make art of the holiday’s favorite monsters. So it was very fitting when Fanartica posted this weeks theme as 80’s Movie Monsters.

<img src="" alt="" title="Slimer" width="487" height="526" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2013" />

Quote Quiz: “I must be catching cold” “No no dear, that was Reverend Harper, who sneezed”

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Dani’s Choice

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of having my piece of fan art posted on Dani Jones’ webcomic page for My Sister The Freak. She has reached a milestone for her work having finished 4 issues which she has now printed all together in Volume 1. Congrats to Dani on such an accomplishment!

Dani launched My Sister the Freak on March 12, 2010. Since then she has developed a remarkable fan base while having written a truly inspired comic. It is great for all ages, covering issues such as family, life, and of course Alien invaders. Her comic is part of the group Space Dock 7.

In addition to having my piece on her blog Dani, being the gracious soul that she is, drew us a rocking Octopus in Boots as a thank you. How cool is that!?

Dani has always been a source of encouragement and inspiration. Her tireless effort towards her craft and out reach to other illustrators is remarkable. Last year she helped me get back into drawing regularly with her Ustream shows and mind blowing amount of art created. It was from her suggestion that I started to explore using sculpey for more of my illustration. It started with my making a Frosty the Gourdman action figure; she asked if I had thought of doing dimensional illustration. It got the wheels turning. I’m glad I could contribute another piece of dimensional fan art. Thank you Dani!

Be sure to also check out the Illustrated Section a fabulous junction for ebooks by a great number of illustrators all brought together by Dani.

Quote Quiz:
“Morgan took a sip and it’s got his amoebas in it. “

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Beach’s Choice

Lucien and I are at the beach for the early part of this week. We have been playing with dripping sand to make castles.

I’m collecting bits of shell to put in my sculpey sculptures. Those will be built when we are back home.

For now how about a quote:

“Did you see the way he just went sailing right out there? I mean he just went sailing right out there”


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Lucien’s Choice

Last week was a little crazy. I was playing catch up as the Illustrator Coordinator, I got some freelance work, and I had an illustration deadline for Matt.

This week I’m getting back to the blog and my own illustration projects.

One of the snacks Lucien has regularly is dried pineapples. He usually has one of these when we go to the zoo and see three kinds of porcupines.

Including prehensile-tailed porcupines, here is a picture of our zoo’s new baby at 2 days old.

It was only natural that he combined the two words. Now whenever he asks for a pineapple he asks for a porcupineapple.

I have been wanting to draw this critter for over a month. I kept buying pineapples for reference but, before I would get to draw they would need to be cut up before going bad! Today things finally came together.


Quote Quiz: “I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using.”


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Dizzy Feet’s Choice

How do you get my So You Think You Can Dance cards? Donate $5 to the Dizzy Feet Foundation, send me an email at casey (at) of your receipt and address, and I will mail you one card of your choice. (please delete any information you don’t want me to read from your receipt, I’m not trying to gather any of your moneys information!)

So far I have Tadd, Jess, Miranda, and a work in progress of Iveta, yes I am going to draw contestants that where voted off. They still have a place in my heart, especially Iveta, I was so sad to see her go. Hmmm also voted off was Wadi, I guess Debbie Reynolds was able to take him home.

I need to get to drawing these cards! More art cards to come tomorrow or later today.

Dez’s Choice

Finishing up personal projects that have been languishing. This is the year to catch up then make so many more goals that I get behind again. hehe

I wish the summer months went by as slowly as the winter ones. There is always something to do which moves you forward too fast. I was just checking my calendar and I am dumbfounded that it is already late in June! Finally with a  week and weekend free of obligations I am back at my drawing table getting as much done as possible.

First to show you, Dez’s Choice. A new wood panel painting of a silly tiger for a new baby’s room.

Come back tomorrow to see more of what I am working on!