Everyone’s Choice

Where’s the X?

It’s HERE!

X is for Xenops

I am so happy to have these letters finally done! One full set of Alphabet is illustrated. I’m sure one day, if they take off, I will make seconds for the more popular letters. We will see.

There is no good reason I left the X for last. However, since I began to work on these letters the amount of reference images available from search has greatly improved. When I first looked up Xenops there were two terrible pictures floating around the internet. Now there are hundreds! With my new information I was able to update my original sketch which, for this bird would not do. It didn’t actually represent the bird’s abilities or characteristics. With each animal it was a pleasure to learn about their lives to best come up with a manipulation that would look natural. This has been a remarkably fun project.

Happy Valentine’s! Enjoy this coloring page!

click on the image to open it in a new window then drag it to your desktop to print.


Pencil’s Choice

Occasionally it’s good to let your pencil dictate what you are going to draw. It is a good way to start your drawing day. This is who my pencil introduced me too last night.

Yesterday I was featured on the PiBoIdMo blog. Check out my article. Thank you Tara Lazar for having me over.

Quote Quiz “It’s aint’ cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving.”

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Ghostly Leaves

Remember my picking up leaves project last year?

Well this year I didn’t leave my leaves to languish in a drawer. hehe. I picked this one up Friday and glued it down and painted it all by Sunday! Nothing feels better than getting some projects done. I also did a test image of leaves as a fire and another Halloween image that I will share soon.

Halloween is getting close! Time to start dancing 🙂

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