Dizzy Feet’s Choice

How do you get my So You Think You Can Dance cards? Donate $5 to the Dizzy Feet Foundation, send me an email at casey (at) caseyg.com of your receipt and address, and I will mail you one card of your choice. (please delete any information you don’t want me to read from your receipt, I’m not trying to gather any of your moneys information!)

So far I have Tadd, Jess, Miranda, and a work in progress of Iveta, yes I am going to draw contestants that where voted off. They still have a place in my heart, especially Iveta, I was so sad to see her go. Hmmm also voted off was Wadi, I guess Debbie Reynolds was able to take him home.

I need to get to drawing these cards! More art cards to come tomorrow or later today.

One thought on “Dizzy Feet’s Choice

  1. SYTYCD Cards 4-10

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