So You Think You Can Dance – Cards

So. . . I think I can draw, these dancers. I know I can’t dance. It actually caused me to pause this year as I realized I could never try out for this show at this point in my life. I couldn’t attain the needed training before my age cuts me out; if I so chose to go after dancing. I think we all have that moment where we realize all doors of the world are no longer open to us and it’s time to POWER through the doors we have chosen.

So. . . I am going to draw sketch cards of as many top 20 as I can before they are kicked off. I am planning for these cards to go to homes that are not mine, with giveaways and selling some. I haven’t figured out how yet; I am going to work those details out next week!

So. . . for this week hope you enjoyed as much of the show as you could see last night and I hope no one cries too much tonight since FOUR people have to go home!

So. . . without further ado, the cards:



And as seen on my Illustration Friday post, Tadd:


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  1. Dizzy Feet’s Choice

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