They called it a TV

Recently Matt and I played the new dance game that uses the (edited) XBox Kinect controls. We are pretty champ Dance Dance Revolution players. There is a sense of pride for how well we play. Well, this new game system threw us for a loop. The scene was Matt and I trying our hardest to play while two teens sat in the corner giggling about the old folks trying to understand the current technology. Matt was more than a little upset. After all his years being the youngster in the corner giggling he couldn’t quite handle being on the other side.
It got him thinking about what our children will say to their children about what they grew up without. Such as us to our children, “when we were teens we didn’t have cell phones”. Or our parents to us “when we were kids we didn’t have the internet”.

Matt’s choice inspired by this happening “I think it’s called a Tee-Vee. Grandma told me they used to watch moving pictures on these! Old people are crazy.”

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