Lots of Little Sketches

With arm pain yesterday that didn’t relax until the afternoon, then a newly scheduled artist meeting time I blew my day plan. I have sketches for a new Wednesday Animal but not something anyone but me can understand. Although, I’m posting it anyway:

To make up for my delay I have another spot illustration I have been working on. A spunky little girl from a trip to the Museum of Science who had no problem playing with my toddler.
from my sketch capture to the color sketch

to this feeling like the motion got halted

to this – I liked the face above better.

going to draw this again because I love the movement of it.

If you follow my twitter feed you know I got a Kindle. I am acting like Matt whenever he gets a new piece of technology, pouring over it for endless hours. This item excites me because it’s all about books! My first two purchases were Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund and Bossypants by Tina Fey. I needed some laughs so I am reading Bossypants first. It is rejuvenating my creative mind and soul. (it will be great to read Ascendant next, I will be all ready to draw the terrific unicorns)

Tina Fey has something special. She can make me laugh like no one else. By page ten I was in tears laughing. The description of her make over for college had me dying. I know she has basically dressed in the attire on 30 Rock but I wanted to make a little drawing of her reformation. Tina Fey does have some rocking calves, I’m not sure I did them justice. Also I don’t think anyone that was alive during the 80’s and 90’s can say they didn’t put on this outfit at least once.

Other things about the book have me thinking pretty deeply, her list of rules from improv and people’s reaction to her scar. The list of improv rules, are wonderful ways to live life. I am thankful reading that list was not my first time hearing of them. In high school I had the actress dream, best thing I did was an impression of Jim Carrey, only A I got in drama. Apart from that acting didn’t grow into much for me but, I got improv lessons.
Reading BossyPants reminded me what I learned from improv and how often I think about applying them to my everyday. Thank goodness art was in my elementary, middle and high schools!
Then her thoughts on how soon people bring up her scar. I don’t have a scar across my face but I do have a birthmark up my neck. When it used to reach across the majority of my neck and crawled up my check it had more of an eye catching affect. People stare at things like this. I believe even more so on a child. Not just looking they will make a face if they find it gross. It has always baffled me.
From my experiences I would prefer a person to ask what my birthmark is rather than gawk at me. Mrs. Fey expresses feelings that this indicates people are trying to show how awesome they are for accepting the mark. Perhaps our difference in opinion is all in where our marks came from, a scar that was inflicted verses a mark you were born with and our levels of celebrity. I think scars, moles, birthmarks or anything that makes you different is something to accept and not hide. I would be a person that would ask quickly within a conversation, perhaps using it to start a conversation. I find this topic worthy of further discussion and will probably spend more time on it in a later post. Including bringing up North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley. . . .

This has been a week of much introspection. It’s been great to slow down and find the new pattern since the wildness of spring is finished. I am hopeful for a productive summer.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Little Sketches

  1. Hi, Casey! I just read Bossypants and it had me laughing out loud, too! I love the t-shirt (no crying in baseball- now I need to watch a league of their own again). Great sketches, and your girl in boots is very sweet! Hope you have a productive summer! We are still waiting for it to hit Minnesota! 😉

    • Hey Nina! I love when you leave me a comment, you are always so happy and thoughtful. Great to hear you enjoyed Bossypants as much as I did. Yes I finished it in two days even with shows wrapping up this week. I couldn’t put it down!
      I’m sure summer will be with you soon enough and then you will probably be saying to yourself what I am, “ugh is it so hot!” 70 degrees is warm enough for me.
      Thank you for the compliments, I hope your summer is blessed with productivity as well.

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