Lucien’s Choice

This weekend Lucien, Matt and I traveled to Dryden NY to visit some friends. The weekend was very laid back, I had lots of time as we sat and talked to pour over their Celtic knot and design books. I need to learn how to draw them for some new pieces I am working on. They were kind enough to lend me the books at least until October. Although, I plan to have these new pieces done well before that.

Another activity from the weekend was stepping out of their house to watch their small town’s Memorial Day Parade. We figured it would be fun for the kids. Little did I know it would be the most fun for me! People are so much fun to look at, I love people watching and I love drawing people with character. This was like a never ending stream of amazing people. I couldn’t get enough, I didn’t know if I should snap pictures or sketch. I wanted to watch the parade over and over. (please note this is in no way poking fun at the people of the town) Our friends have given us a schedule for the rest of the summer parades.

During our drive home and I received a choice for today. Lucien gave this prompt by pointing to a rest stop flag and saying two headed swan. a) Swans may be pretty but they are mean and b) two headed swan, perfect for two headed swan dragon!

So for today we have Lucien’s Choice.

As I drew this I started thinking of a whole story leading up to this moment. I am psyched that my sketches have recently are blossoming into full stories. Now to get all of them on paper.

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