Poster Proof

This is happening! I am getting an 18 x 24 inch poster printed of the Animals in Alphabet. Today, I got to see a proof! Thank you Geno!

More news to come on when they will be for sale.

Today I am jumping up and down, with caution as my left arm is all out of sorts. I’m going to have to start stretching before I do handstands and the worm; how I usually celebrate when I’m excited.

Animals in a Show!

My artwork will be in an upcoming show, I invite you all to attend the opening at the Three Graces Gallery.

Opening Reception 5 to 8pm
in conjunction with the first friday artwalk
Friday February 3rd
105 Market St.
Portsmouth, NH

I have a couple of new pieces:

Kookaburra is my buddy at the zoo. I’m always happy to see him in the spring when it is finally warm enough outside for him. He lives next to the flamingos, viewing them is like watching a soap opera, so much drama!

Where elements combine

I loved the time during the holidays. It was quiet, it was just the three of us home, we easily moved around each other, and I was able to get a lot done. I nestled into my own space and just started producing work. I believe I was able to complete as many illustrations as I did because I stepped away from observing and focused on making my own work. It is very easy to be swept up in the beauty of everyone else’s illustrations. I still check everyone’s work out but, I am being more careful to give myself more time.

After I got sick mid-December and realized my deadline for a new portfolio was closer than ever I stopped lollygagging and got to it. I have two big deadlines in January. The portfolio for the SCBWI Winter Conference, January 26th, and Arisia January 14th.

My participation in Arisia was only finalized at the end of December; right after I completed a good chunk of the portfolio. I knew I could take my last two days of Holiday time to make Specimens. My time spent with them was very successful. I made three new large critters and eight small ones. Then, at the beginning of Monday I knew I needed to switch back to painting.

I wasn’t completely ready to put the critters away so I compromised and decided to sketch my most playful one. The sketches quickly became a firm base for a new painting, which you can see above. I am so glad for this meeting of my painting with my sculpting. I feel like I have broken through something and a new path has emerged. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.


I haven’t made the link through yet but, you can find me over on tumblr now. I contribute to three tumblr blogs. One is my own. I don’t post often and there is no order to what I post. It is a mash up of general images that I want to share: photos from the zoo, sketches for fun, and reblogs of things that I enjoy from tumblr.

My most recent post is a drawing of a Kikwi. It is a contribution to Alphabeasts. A blog of fantastical creatures, each week featuring animals of the letter of the week.

K is for Kikwi

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time playing Zelda the Skyward Sword and also want to sketch for fun.

I chose to do this with the brush pen because I have been mainly using them for sketching purposes. A little over a year ago I began exploring the limitation of only using black and white as an exercise. When I would sketch on location I wouldn’t use a pencil, just dig right in with my brush pen. The first sketches were terrible. However, with practice I feel I have gained control of them and now they are one of my favorite drawing tools.

The other blogs I contribute to I have referenced before, one is Fanartica and the other is Picture This. Both have a constant link in the side bar here. I hope you will head over to tumblr and check out all three.

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Chicken Licken in B&W

Wednesday’s posts got side tracked. Two Wednesdays ago I realized I couldn’t show you my current sketches, then last Wednesday my website was a mess as was I with a coughing sickness.

This Wednesday things are going better and I have something to show you!

Recently SCBWI held a Tomie dePaola contest. They have this every year, the deadline is December 15th, the winner is announced January 2nd, and the winner is honored at the NYC Conference in January. This year I planned in time to submit an entry. I will share my final along with numerous other artists on a group blog January 2nd after the winner is announced.

For now, here is a black and white final sketch of my Chicken Licken layout.

Quote Quiz “But if you’re short of cash like little old me, the window shopping’s always free.”

New Portfolio Piece

I am very excited about my new book project. This is my own story that I am putting into dummy form for submission. I am going to make three or four finished images for the book to put into my portfolio. Here is one of them. This is a cropped section of the image.

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This little guy keeps working his way into my sketchbooks.

Have you seen Picture This yet? Be sure to visit, follow, and submit! Check the previous post on my blog for more information on it.

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