Grumpy Bear

Last Friday Lucien and I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Brown at a reading of his new book You Will Be My Friend!. He is a delightful presenter. All of the kids were entertained including us grown ones. Renee Kurilla came by too and we traded snapping photos of each other. Although, once Peter had signed our book Lucien said time to go, grabbed my hand, and raced us out of the store.

We left inspired by Peter and later that afternoon while Lucien napped I drew my own bear. Not quite as spunky as Lucille Beatrice Bear. This bear is Grumpy. So caught up in the past she’s unable to see what is right in front of her nose.

I am hoping to continue this little story over the course of my new sketchbook. We will see when the next part pops out of me.

All right the Quote Quiz!

Refresher, over the course of a season, every three months, you can earn points via a guessing game. I will leave a movie quote at the end of my blog posts and whoever leaves a comment with the correct movie title first gets 5pts. After three months I will tally the points and whoever has the most gets a free print. The tallying is why I need you to leave me a comment on the blog.

Today’s “I didn’t know the baby’s powers so I covered the basics.”

Yesterday’s is unanswered too, but I know someone has it.

Sept 14th hint 2 “Your badness level is really high for someone your size”

Sept 13 hint 2 “What does she want you to do, call the National Guard and have her airlifted out of there?”

Aug 10 I heard the answer the this one but they didn’t post a comment yet. Can you beat them to it?

If you answer quotes from past days in the comments for this post just mention the date it goes with.

currently watching: Howl’s Moving Castle
currently reading: National Geographic September ’11

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