Where elements combine

I loved the time during the holidays. It was quiet, it was just the three of us home, we easily moved around each other, and I was able to get a lot done. I nestled into my own space and just started producing work. I believe I was able to complete as many illustrations as I did because I stepped away from observing and focused on making my own work. It is very easy to be swept up in the beauty of everyone else’s illustrations. I still check everyone’s work out but, I am being more careful to give myself more time.

After I got sick mid-December and realized my deadline for a new portfolio was closer than ever I stopped lollygagging and got to it. I have two big deadlines in January. The portfolio for the SCBWI Winter Conference, January 26th, and Arisia January 14th.

My participation in Arisia was only finalized at the end of December; right after I completed a good chunk of the portfolio. I knew I could take my last two days of Holiday time to make Specimens. My time spent with them was very successful. I made three new large critters and eight small ones. Then, at the beginning of Monday I knew I needed to switch back to painting.

I wasn’t completely ready to put the critters away so I compromised and decided to sketch my most playful one. The sketches quickly became a firm base for a new painting, which you can see above. I am so glad for this meeting of my painting with my sculpting. I feel like I have broken through something and a new path has emerged. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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