I haven’t made the link through yet but, you can find me over on tumblr now. I contribute to three tumblr blogs. One is my own. I don’t post often and there is no order to what I post. It is a mash up of general images that I want to share: photos from the zoo, sketches for fun, and reblogs of things that I enjoy from tumblr.

My most recent post is a drawing of a Kikwi. It is a contribution to Alphabeasts. A blog of fantastical creatures, each week featuring animals of the letter of the week.

K is for Kikwi

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time playing Zelda the Skyward Sword and also want to sketch for fun.

I chose to do this with the brush pen because I have been mainly using them for sketching purposes. A little over a year ago I began exploring the limitation of only using black and white as an exercise. When I would sketch on location I wouldn’t use a pencil, just dig right in with my brush pen. The first sketches were terrible. However, with practice I feel I have gained control of them and now they are one of my favorite drawing tools.

The other blogs I contribute to I have referenced before, one is Fanartica and the other is Picture This. Both have a constant link in the side bar here. I hope you will head over to tumblr and check out all three.

Quote Quiz:”You have to start off with another woman who bears some ball park resemblance to Mrs. House.”

Currently Reading:The Witches by Roald Dahl

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