The Witches

Whenever I read a book I get vivid images in my head of what’s happening. I have recently picked back up the Witches for fun and although, it’s difficult to compete with the incredible illustrations of Quentin Blake I still have my own ideas.

As I began to desire to draw this illustration, I had an image come to mind as I read the passage. I then turned the page to the illustration by Mr. Blake and it was what my mind had shown me! I love that books I read as a child stuck with me so intently. It also terrified me to realize how much my illustration ideas are influenced by others which, I may not immediately remember.

However, the story progesses telling more about our young hero sitting and listening to his Grandmama. From my continued time being with the characters I was able to stretch my mind to come up with my own image.

It is the new year and as I always plan to draw images from what I am reading I think this shall be my just for fun resolution. “I will not neglect to draw the images that come to mind as I read.” They will post on Mondays, I’m not going to plan to be regular with them. I will draw them as I have time.

Happy New Year All! I wish you well with your goals and resolutions. Also great success to all in 2012!

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