Sketch Break

The past two weeks have been endless hours spent on my computer, designing, emailing, twittering, etc. My eyes are getting tired of looking at the screen! To fix this I took a sketch break.

I have joined Sketchoholic for quick ideas on what to draw and PiBoldMo started by Tara Lazar to get my brain going on story ideas. These are two sketches inspired by them:


Story idea for Nov 10th Whale Riders from the Sea City:

3 thoughts on “Sketch Break

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  2. Casey! Great work! You’ve been busy. I love the feel of your line and your shapes are dynamic. The crit group is still going strong and we’ve missed you. Glad things are going so well for you up in MA!

    xo Karen

    • Thanks Karen! Thanks for stopping by. It is so good to hear that the crit group is still together! Woot, hope everyone is doing well 🙂

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