The Beginning

Today is the last day to sign up for my giveaway. Go to my post 100! and leave a comment by 11:59pm tonight and you will be in! I will announce the winner tomorrow morning with a sneak peak of the new Snow Dreamer piece I am working on. Unfortunately due to a cold the post will most likely not go live till the morning. So, any night owls that will be watching my blog tonight around midnight will have to wait!

I like dreaming about snow. . . and that I have anxiously awaiting blog readers.

Husband’s Choice! Today I am changing things up with my Tuesday posts. Instead of ideas from Matt I am going to be posting Sketchbook Project pages which, are about Matt. My husband is a crazy-acrobatic-wild man. I think we get invited to most parties just so the other guests can see what ridiculous stunt Matt will pull.

Today’s is one of my first experiences with Matt. We went to Dryden NY for the Halloween Party and visited the neighboring gorges. The gorge we went to had a trail that was 100s of stairs leading straight up to the top. Matt being in fabulous shape ran up these steps full out. Given that this was our 5th date I thought it would be a good idea to try to keep up. We fell behind everyone because I had to rest for 20 minutes after getting half way up and nearly puking from overexerting myself. Although, then we did have a magical hike all alone.

My theme is “It will be fun I swear”

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

    • Haha! awesome, sounds like a plan. Of course since we have Lucien, Matt has to hike with him on his back that slows him down quite a bit. Thanks 🙂

  1. Magical Nature Hike

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