My 100th post. I have been so nervous since I realized I had hit this mile marker. I wanted to be sure I posted something good. The pressure has been on! Although, stars aligned and a few things came together. 1. my husband had given me the prompt “where do dreams come from” 2. my winter card needed to be finished this week so I can mail it off before Thanksgiving so everyone has my new address 3. I think my style is showing itself

I like to draw and draw and draw and muddle over a piece forever. It’s why I enjoy burnishing. However, I also feel something about that method restrains me from another part of myself. Over the summer I played with all the materials sitting on my desk trying new things and watched all the talented people I have found through twitter and conferences. You all have been so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you. For any who have been following along and watching my progress thanks for coming along with me on this journey. I think a corner has been turned!

I am going to do a giveaway for this event, a print of this piece, 11 x 14. Leave a comment by next Tuesday 11:59pm and I will announce a winner Wednesday, the 17th.

24 thoughts on “100!

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  2. WOW… Casey this piece is amazing……love the string mittens on Lucien… reminds me of growing up in Quebec City Canada and how much fun we had in the snow.

  3. Casey, this is amazing. I love the flying dog/wolf. I don’t get snow over here, but certainly did grow up with it for 25 years of my life, so this drawing brings back some warm fuzzies in me. Love it.

    • thanks Caroline, the dragon is supposed to be based off a Canada Lynx. I am going to draw him and the little boy some more, hopefully a sketch for tomorrow!

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  5. Snow Dreams

  6. Congrats on 100! Beautiful piece too, count me in on the contest!

    I’m glad to hear you’ll be working with these two some more, the dragon should be quite a bit of fun to work with.

  7. Ah, now I can look at it properly! And it glows!! I love the mittens on the Lucien-esque figure. Kayla stared at it for a while and decided the creature reminds her of our dog (whom she loves so that’s a compliment!).

  8. The Beginning

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