Just before I had my son I got horribly addicted, as in 6 to 8 hours a day, to one of the facebook apps, PackRat (a game where you gather card collections). To end my addiction to the game I forced myself to play while I was having serious morning sickness which, worsened when I sat at a computer. It worked, a little too well. Even looking at the illustrations that I did inspired by the game makes me a little queasy.

During the times I was playing the most, trying to quell Matt’s frustration with my time spent on the game, I made a couple sets of my own cards. The cards came out well, it developed another illustration style from me. I have actually sent them out several times as examples to get work.

Here is the worm from my garden collection:

The creators of PackRat produced beautiful illustrations, the Aztec set were particularly stunning. To play was just too much of a time suck for me. I am happy to report I spend my free time drawing now.

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