Y is for Yak

This week’s Animal Wednesday marks the first letter finished in two years for my own project, the Animals in Alphabet. On top of wanting to finish all 26 letters, I also promised a print of this letter to someone back in September, which I can finally deliver. Probably not the best idea of me to own up to my well overdue deadlines, but at least I know there are only a couple of them. In fact this knocks my tally down to one. Hooray!! It feels so good to have this piece completed.

I now have two letters left in the alphabet to illustrate. As there is no publisher on this piece or current planned future except for my own enjoyment I will continue to take my time in finishing up the last two, W and X.

A couple of events coincide with my completion of this letter that moderately connect. One is my husband and I just finished Peak by Roland Smith, which is about a 14 year old summiting Everest. Fantastic book, we highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to kids that love the outdoors and tackling climbs. Much respect goes to all whom summit Everest or ice climb. I know those are both adventures I personally will never attempt. I like cold but not being that cold. Also the book is very honest about the state of Everest; I am left haunted. Which leads us to connection two, a 13-year-old boy actually summited Everest on May 22nd. All three involve Yaks. Cheers to these magnificent animals.


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