Reworking Husband’s Choice

Since the start of the So You Think You Can Dance season I have been asking my husband for an idea to draw every Thursday to be posted to my blog on Friday. He has taken this much more seriously than I imagined and given me some really creative thoughts! Each concept has also taken me more time than I had expected, either because it was a complex idea or I have had numerous images come to mind and I wanted to draw each out before picking the best.

All day I have been frantically trying to get the Husband’s Choice together feeling bad for my lateness, which is why I am changing the post day. Don’t give unrealistic deadline goals, be honest about how long a project will take. Now that I know, we have a winner! As posting on Friday isn’t working my new goal shall be to make a post of Husband’s Choice on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

This weeks theme, Microscopic Zoo! I am posting all three rough sketches in order of their creation. Can you tell that by the third sketch I was hanging out with Biologists? My initial thought was a tiny zoo of what we expect to see in a zoo. Then I got more literal and thought of the microscopic creatures that cover our world and set them up in a petri dish zoo-with sidewalks for the tiny people visiting! Although, this still exists in our world because there is a microscope hovering above. I’m sure they have just been shrunk down Fantastic Voyage style to allow for their meandering through microscopic zoo.




Is the drawing detailed enough for any of you to name some of these popularly known single celled organisms? Think back to high school biology!

2 thoughts on “Reworking Husband’s Choice

  1. I love catching up on your illustration. Ahhh… the idle days of summer. Thought I would suggest a site to you, if you haven’t already seen it. These plushies are a favorite of Margaret’s, John David’s and mine.

    So cool to see you so far away and still so close.

  2. Yay! Hey Ginger, thanks for commenting. It is nice to be able to see what each other are up to even from a distance. I love the giant microbes! We have herpes and we got a bunch for the extended family at x-mas. Good to hear you like them too.

    Hope you are doing well and that you and Margaret are enjoying being crafty.

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