More Ripples

I continue to find myself inspired by Ripple, the blog started by Kelly Light with donations from around 600 artists.

Seeing the oil continue to stretch further into all corners of the Gulf is tragic. I feel the blues of Louisiana would be the choice music played by the fish living in the Gulf. Ladies, gentlemen, oysters, and sea turtles, the Gulf Band.

Ripples-CaseyG-14 Ripples-CaseyG-13
Ripples-CaseyG-12 Ripples-CaseyG-15

The situation in the Gulf is heart wrenching. Sometimes I feel powerless, these huge things are happening to our world. The earth, the only place humans can currently survive. It is hard to imagine that even our little ripples will cause change, but the truth is one mass of like minded folk will make a shift. The best thing we can do is live the best we can individually through all our day to day choices. Reuse, recycle, walk-don’t drive, and maintain hope that our earth will heal.

The pieces will be available to purchase for a $10 donation from Ripple in the next couple of days.

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