Trick Fox


Sometimes a piece can just not come together. This skateboarding fox has been frustrating me since last week when “skateboard” and “fox” came up as twoodle words. I couldn’t get the motion and shape of the fox right. Pages of sketches went by. I tried shifting to other pieces, reading a book, taking breaks. It was messing with all of my drawing mojo. Finally getting this to a place I am excited about is freeing.

Looking forward to finishing up other pieces tomorrow since I’m back in the flow of illustrating. I was working on a couple pieces all week along with these sketches but, now I feel I can finish them with flourish.

Cowboy on a Parrot


I am so grateful for Alicia starting Twoodle. It has been a wonderful exercise for making new illustrations and finding new members of the community. Thank you for pulling us all together.

This is my finished illustration of last week’s twoodle, cowboy and parrot. For my current twoodle go to my tumblr to see my sketches for this week’s.


Well, the regular scheduled programing of my blog has fallen to the wayside again. I’m afraid I am going to have to admit defeat of keeping up with it at least until mid June. Work, other responsibilities, and being a mom are all asking for the whole amount of my time right now.

As we go through this time where blog posts are few, I am looking into revamping my schedule to provide my own work a solid and regular chunk of my time. So, until June when I set things back up and get a flow going I will try to post when I have new work. Today I have my twoodle!


I also wanted to post some thoughts about time management and being a mom but, I hesitate as I wonder if that is appropriate. I feel this blog reaches other illustrator moms but, I’m hoping it reaches art buyers too. I will keep writing it but, give me some feedback if you definitely want to read it.