Third Visit to California

Hello Blog followers! I am so sorry for my complete lack of posting this week. It was unintended however, I needed the past couple of days to regroup and get my head somewhat back together. Last week my family and I were in California, the Bay Area. It was only my third time visiting the state, second time in Palo Alto. It certainly is a beautiful state though, the temperatures were amazing, everyday Lucien and I were able to play outside without our shoes on.

Here is a look back at our trip in a few pictures.

Hippo statues in the front yard of houses… #notinBostonanymore

Giant Trees that tell the sidewalk where to go…#notinBostonanymore (yeah that kind of happens everywhere but look at the care the city took to make the sidewalk work around the tree!)

A sunset I can see! #notinBostonanymore

The Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo with signs created by Tracy Bishop!

The receptacle for the garbage is the smallest, YES! #notinBostonanymore

A view from a house we visited in the Mountains of CA.

Lucien rocking out on a swing with the ridiculous cement slide in view. Children went down this on cardboard like they were snowboarding, parents were not concerned! #notinBostonanymore

Look at the size of those Pea Plants! It’s March! #notinBostonanymore

One more very memorable event that was very unlike Boston which, I did not get a picture of was crossing the street. You do not jaywalk in California. People look at you all funny. On the other side of this cars do give Pedestrians the right of way, even if their light is green and they are trying to turn right or left. AMAZING! #notinBostonanymore

In addition to the adventures spent with just Lucien, we also got to go to lunch with Laura Zarrin and Tracy Bishop. It was a real treat! It is always wonderful to meet friends from twitter in person. I hope next time in California we can hang out again.