And the Winner is…




Thank you everyone who participated and helped spread the word about the sale! You all rock for being supportive and wonderful!

The individual letters are off sale but, the poster is going to stay on sale for two more days, so get it before Sunday at 10pm EST.

Celebrating Sales!

My first sale has ended. It went well, thank you everyone who placed an order!

I say lets keep the sale going. This week only all letter prints and poster are 25% OFF! Additionally any order of $75 or more will get free shipping through refund.


And there’s a GIVEAWAY!

Here’s how you enter!

Leave a comment below and share this post to be entered. In your comment let me know who you are and where else you shared the news of the sale. Then if you retweet this post with the hashtag #animalsinalphabet you are entered as many times as you retweet! If you share on Facebook or Google+ be sure to tag me those count too!

What do you win? A signed edition of the Animals in Alphabet Poster!

Thank you all for your support. Now I am going to get back to the drawing board and start drawing more letters!’s Choice

Big news, my Letters are going to go on sale at! To participate in the sale you do have to be a member of which, is free. They have fantastic sales on beautiful items. I highly recommend signing up!

My items will be there March 28th – April 4th.

Here’s a preview of what will be available:


Third Visit to California

Hello Blog followers! I am so sorry for my complete lack of posting this week. It was unintended however, I needed the past couple of days to regroup and get my head somewhat back together. Last week my family and I were in California, the Bay Area. It was only my third time visiting the state, second time in Palo Alto. It certainly is a beautiful state though, the temperatures were amazing, everyday Lucien and I were able to play outside without our shoes on.

Here is a look back at our trip in a few pictures.

Hippo statues in the front yard of houses… #notinBostonanymore

Giant Trees that tell the sidewalk where to go…#notinBostonanymore (yeah that kind of happens everywhere but look at the care the city took to make the sidewalk work around the tree!)

A sunset I can see! #notinBostonanymore

The Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo with signs created by Tracy Bishop!

The receptacle for the garbage is the smallest, YES! #notinBostonanymore

A view from a house we visited in the Mountains of CA.

Lucien rocking out on a swing with the ridiculous cement slide in view. Children went down this on cardboard like they were snowboarding, parents were not concerned! #notinBostonanymore

Look at the size of those Pea Plants! It’s March! #notinBostonanymore

One more very memorable event that was very unlike Boston which, I did not get a picture of was crossing the street. You do not jaywalk in California. People look at you all funny. On the other side of this cars do give Pedestrians the right of way, even if their light is green and they are trying to turn right or left. AMAZING! #notinBostonanymore

In addition to the adventures spent with just Lucien, we also got to go to lunch with Laura Zarrin and Tracy Bishop. It was a real treat! It is always wonderful to meet friends from twitter in person. I hope next time in California we can hang out again.

Poster Proof

This is happening! I am getting an 18 x 24 inch poster printed of the Animals in Alphabet. Today, I got to see a proof! Thank you Geno!

More news to come on when they will be for sale.

Today I am jumping up and down, with caution as my left arm is all out of sorts. I’m going to have to start stretching before I do handstands and the worm; how I usually celebrate when I’m excited.

Everyone’s Choice

Where’s the X?

It’s HERE!

X is for Xenops

I am so happy to have these letters finally done! One full set of Alphabet is illustrated. I’m sure one day, if they take off, I will make seconds for the more popular letters. We will see.

There is no good reason I left the X for last. However, since I began to work on these letters the amount of reference images available from search has greatly improved. When I first looked up Xenops there were two terrible pictures floating around the internet. Now there are hundreds! With my new information I was able to update my original sketch which, for this bird would not do. It didn’t actually represent the bird’s abilities or characteristics. With each animal it was a pleasure to learn about their lives to best come up with a manipulation that would look natural. This has been a remarkably fun project.

Happy Valentine’s! Enjoy this coloring page!

click on the image to open it in a new window then drag it to your desktop to print.


Animals in a Show!

My artwork will be in an upcoming show, I invite you all to attend the opening at the Three Graces Gallery.

Opening Reception 5 to 8pm
in conjunction with the first friday artwalk
Friday February 3rd
105 Market St.
Portsmouth, NH

I have a couple of new pieces:

Kookaburra is my buddy at the zoo. I’m always happy to see him in the spring when it is finally warm enough outside for him. He lives next to the flamingos, viewing them is like watching a soap opera, so much drama!

Portfolio update of January 2012

I have rebuilt my whole portfolio. It has nine new images and each of them are watercolor and color pencil on wood boards. I have taken into consideration their reproduction of course. They are a size that can be scanned. When I spoke to my friend in production about my new plan he gave me an cold stare. Until I explained their size. Then we were friends again.

The new pieces are three series. Two stories of my own, A Visit from the Wild Side and My Monster Friend(current titles, they will most likely change) and one classic, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My hopes for the pieces from my own stories is to complete one of them into a dummy book for the dummy book challenge. I haven’t yet chosen which one. So, you can vote your choice at the bottom of this post!

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Monochromatic – 7

Here is the line art for page 7! Things have been so busy my sketchbook project has been languishing in the sidelines. I decided to warm up by drawing this page. I will add in the monotone later.

It has been a wild 5 days. On Friday I was featured on Behance Network’s front page! As of today I am on page 2 of their featured projects. I am beside myself with the recognition my Animals in Alphabet has received. Since then a few other websites have picked up my project, Plog(they actually posted a couple days before the Behance release),, chuk*num, blogyst, and Don Serifa. I have been doing my best to keep up sending thanks you and responding to questions. Thank you everyone for sharing my work. I appreciate all of the comments. The response is so encouraging. I want to get to work making more art.

If you have popped over here and are wondering, the X is missing but, is planned to be completed in February. That is when I will have time to finish it.

Thank you!

I’m head over heals!