IF – Launch

Dancers certainly do launch! Across the stage, through the air, out of a move, into ways that defy gravity. I am always impressed by how much energy can explode out of them.

This is one of a number of sketch cards I am hoping to do this summer surrounding So You Think You Can Dance, for those of you who don’t watch the show this is Tadd one of the hip hop dancer’s of Season 8.

There will be more so check back!


I recently realized I never shared my final jacket submission for the NESCBWI Poster Showcase. I was reminded by this weeks Illustration Friday topic, shadows.

At the conference I heard from many a viewer that they had not read The Dark is Rising Sequence. If you have not, it is a classic and I highly recommend you check it out!


I have been giggling all week thinking about drawing this for Illustration Friday. I debated about being creative and coming up with an original idea but, I decided to go with what was making me laugh.

When I was a kid I watched classic comedies. I loved them and still do. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World was among my favorites. I liked Mad World so much I watched the interviews with the cast about the making of and named all of my stuffed animals after characters from the movie.

In Mad World Jim Backus, Mr. Fitzgerald, plays an eccentric millionaire, who has an airplane. He agrees to fly Buddy Hackett, Benjy Benjamin, and Mickey Rooney, Dingy Bell, to the Big W. During the flight, as he is piloting the plane, he looks back at Mickey Rooney and in the most Jim Backus voice says “How about an Old-Fashioned?” Cracks me up every time I think about it.

So all week I have been repeating that line to myself and smiling and giggling.

If you haven’t seen this movie you should. It’s a long one, but worth it. Every comic star of that era has an appearance in this film. The word was, if you didn’t have at least a cameo you weren’t worth knowing in comedy anymore. People begged the director for MONTHS to be in this movie.

My Acrobat

Two birds with one stone here, Illustration Friday and the first page to my sketchbook, of Sketchbook Project 2011!

I chose my sketchbook theme because of how many times I hear “It will be fun, I swear” from Matt. And, you know what, it is always fun. So, I am planning to draw all the fun things he has convinced me to participate in thus far for the first half, then all the fun things he is talking about doing for the last half.

The hand writing is inspired by a friend of mine from grade school. I always loved the way her notes looked, I still have a couple of them. She is also someone who used to tell me, “It will be fun, I swear”.


One thing I think is ultimately important in an illustration is the lighting. It creates your atmosphere, feeling, sense of space for the piece. It is currently something I am focusing on. Especially pushing colors to not be exactly what is seen.

Here is a color comp of a piece I am making for a friend. I enjoy this as it, I love loose painting. I still need to learn how to let paint free. This is a step for me, it is the first illustration I have done where I used just one color for a background of creatures.