Final Page



“Criss Cross Apple Sauce!” A T Rex sitting cross legged. That was a mind twister to draw. Bringing the book to a close I wanted to have a few of the dinos from the book give one last look to the read.

I’m now on the fence deciding if I want to get a sketchbook for 2014. My time is fairly limited and there are many projects I want to be working on. Such as a May Day at my son’s preschool where we will be learning about story telling… obsessively making Gak, a goopy playable mass for kids events… sequin darned disco dancing monkeys… playing with textures and layers in photoshop as I finally have a Yiynova Tablet Monitor for my computer! If I wasn’t moving so darn slowly I would say most definitely. I know that in just a few months I will be up at all hours but, drawing isn’t easy with a baby in your lap, although, I have done that.

Transitions and growth continue! I appreciate your continued attention. I also just got some new jars for specimens, we will see what I find to put in them.


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