Begging Dino



This isn’t any breed of dinosaur in particular. He just came to mind while I was sketching. He’s definitely a mixed breed, big human-like toes, puppy attitude and  feathery covering.

I feel like you can see a Seussian influence as well. Seuss was definitely the first children’s book illustrator I started mimicking when I was in my early drawing years. I’m not sure why I strayed so far from a cartoon style and went more realistic overall. College classes and influence at that time? My hope this year is to finalize addressing my focus and make a more solid and consistent portfolio.

Transition! It seems like this has been the moto of my life for over a year now. I look forward to a settled life for more than two years at a time. This includes moving house. Maybe this will be the year?

How big do you imagine this dinosaur to be? Is he human height or dog height or chicken height?

2 thoughts on “Begging Dino

  1. I like it- he’s cute. I imagine him dog height- well dog standing up height. He would make a good sculpey piece with a collar for ownership 🙂

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