Sketchbook Project 2013 Delivered!

January 15, the day the 2013 Sketchbook Project had to be postmarked, came upon me so quickly; it was almost as bad as the eminently approaching Christmas Time. As passing years have gotten me used to properly planning for Christmas I am still not used to a looming deadline just two weeks after it. My son has his birthday in the middle of January. Every year, so far, I have neglected to do any planning for a party until the day before New Years, when everything is closed. So I have to wait until January 2nd when they give you a dirty look for making plans at their establishment so close to when you want to have the event. So, as Matt and I scrambled to prepare a birthday party, get decorations, a guest list, and make a cake from scratch (because we don’t do many things the easy way) my sketchbook almost did not get finished.

Some of you may remember how I got an early start on my Sketchbook Project and was smartly working through my spreads in July and August. When there were no other looming personal deadlines. Once October got here the last half of the book was postponed until December and January. Additionally, to make all of this more fun, I got so sick I could hardly get out of bed for the first week of January.

From bed, while watching Doctor Who in the background(yes I have finally starting watching the show! I started with the 2005 seasons), I sketched up the remaining pages of my sketchbook. Even with the obstacles, I am incredibly happy with my results. This is my third book and it was the hardest to mail away to the Brooklyn Art Library. I will miss not being able to show it in hand to friends. So, I hope you will all go look for it when it visits your cities! It should be hard to miss, I decided to go ahead and attach glitter paper to the cover. You know Tony DiTerlizzi kept showing off all his glitter for his Christmas window, I felt we still needed more glitter.

The goal was reached!

I am so glad I got this sketchbook done. I hope you are able to spend some time with it and flip through all of the pages. For today I am only posting one spread. I think I will continuing posting one spread a week for a while and eventually, once it is digitized, link you to the Sketchbook Project’s official page for it. I think it is a nicer experience for seeing all of the pages together.

And as I post this I will tweet it and it will be my 6,000th tweet! Making it a big one. Let’s rock 2013!

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2013 Delivered!

  1. Hi, I found your website last summer when I was looking through your 2012 Sketchbook on tour in Atlanta.

    I finally had a chance to look up all the sites I wrote down. So glad you finished your 2013 book! I had a tough time finishing my book for the 2013 project too.

    Hope your year is going well!

  2. Thanks Pam! I’m glad you got a chance to check back with artists you found through the sketchbook project. Happy to see you here on my blog and that you managed to finish your 2013 project too. Congrats!

    The year is already flying by me.

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