A Sketchbook Welcome

Welcoming you to my sketchbook is this pink little T Rex, giving you the biggest smile he can.

Something compels me to make Dinosaurs pink or magenta. I don’t know what it is. I especially liked the idea of a Pink Tyrannosaurus Rex since they are the kings of the jungle. —I heard at one point that the T Rex may have actually been a scavenger. Even though it’s legs were strong, given it’s small arms, it may have only been an eating machine of the already deceased dinosaurs. This claim said they were the vultures of the dinosaurs.  I only heard that once and I’m pretty sure current thoughts do not go along with that now. —

Everybody has their sweet side.

2 thoughts on “A Sketchbook Welcome

    • I’m behind this week. However, I’m fixing that this morning and hopefully setting up the posts for weeks to come.

      Thanks for being excited about my work. That is wonderful to hear. 🙂

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