Christmas Skunk

I have been doing a lot of work with sculpey lately, making ornaments. Wanting to change up from making loads of snowmen I decided to sculpt one of my sketches from the summer. These sketches were simplified animals drawn in chalk on our driveway for my son.

Given that I love the less lovable animals I went with the skunk.

I am really happy with how the simplification of his form came out in sculpey. I think I will continue with this and make a series of these.

Since he is still an ornament I adorned him with some Christmas elements. The candy cane was a challenge. As I was saying to some friends last night, red sculpey bleeds to everything and white is the most sensitive to other colors. However, I knew it could be done because I have seen one made by Meredith Dittmar. I figured out the trick! Use the lightweight white sculpey. It has a very different texture from normal white sculpey and as long as you don’t futz with it too much they will roll together well.

I have also decided since last nights conversation to write a blog about using pre colored sculpey. Filled with tips that I have found useful. Look for it Monday.

So, what do you think? Should I make and sell these on etsy? Let’s take a vote! Just for fun. Thanks!
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8 thoughts on “Christmas Skunk

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  2. No… need to ADD some smell to it. The reactions would be worth the effort….and imagine what kind of face Lucien would make.

  3. Thanks everyone! By the end of the weekend they will be made.

    Love the humorous banter! All right I will add smell to yours Grandpa Girard.

    • Hey Vivian, this is an older design of mine. I haven’t made any new Christmas Skunks. email me if you would like to talk about a commission of one. casey . girard (at) gmail . com

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