Take Your Mark!

I feel like I started my race two weeks ago. However, I went away and lost track of much that I need to be working on. Tonight I take my mark on all the projects I need to get done and want to get done. One being the sketchbook project. I have decided in between my spread pages I want to draw Matt in one of his power poses. Anyone who has witnessed him scale something they have probably seen him do one of these. Upon finishing a climb or just before he jumps up to climb and he will pause for a moment. Like he is posing for a camera. Matt clearly knows he is staring as the super hero in his own life.

Tonight was a rough drawing night. You can tell in this scan, I ripped my sketchbook trying to erase. Getting back in the swing of things was tough tonight. I have been working during all the time I was away but, mainly in sculpey and InDesign. Your hands and eyes take a minute to remember the other way they are supposed to work. Bringing me back to a work zone, headphones on, shutting out the rest of the world-except for a little twitter, well you know when Cory Godbey is having a FIRE SALE I am paying attention!-with some Gorillaz Demon Days. After struggling to draw a snow mobile for 2 hours I got it! I just don’t really know what those look like, I didn’t grow up in the snow. I still haven’t skied or snowboarded. I hear going on one of these adventures with Matt is dangerous. Come back to hear that story, I mean STORIES!

Hopeful for a productive day tomorrow. I know it ends with my critique group! Woot!

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