Process on Rue

Another piece of Rue, this time her in her element. I took pictures of my process during each stage.

Update: Here is the sketch I did too:


Gray Watercolor Shading

Final Watercolor layers

Photoshop darkening

I am probably going to go back and do this piece again. I am happy with the painting but, it isn’t everything I was hoping it would be.

Any thoughts? Leave me a comment if you have a suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Process on Rue

  1. What kind of reference were you working from? Did you want to go cartoony, realistic, or somewhere in between? It’s leaning cartoony right now, because of her facial proportions and the simplistic tree shapes, but that may be what you wanted. In either case I think it’s working best in the initial watercolor wash stage, so maybe you just overworked it. Even though you added more color and detail in the later stages, the forms were clearer and more natural before that, and I like how she stood out in just a few clean flat tones before you added more shading. Perhaps you could try working back into your scan of that earlier stage to just work out the values and colors a little bit, and call that your new finish?

    • Gareth, thank you so much. I like your suggestion. I think it does need more flat tones.

      I think I will restart, because I would like to figure this problem out in watercolor.

      Also, I am indeed trying to back away from realism. These facial proportions have shown up in my sketchbook before so I am paying attention to them.

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