Craft Fair Recap

The craft fair was a few weeks ago but I haven’t recapped yet! Ehawk and I shared a table at the Union Square, Urban Country Craft Fair. CraftFairTable
We both had some wacky art. My favorite piece of Ehawk’s was a Cowboy Centaur, seen in front. It was creepy and kept up with the theme of the fair.

One of my magnets was a cowboy, but it was my only attention to the theme. I didn’t even remember to wear my cowboy boots the day off and I have awesome red ones that I got in Texas. I had meant to.

People that purchased my art fell into three categories, moms, little boys, and quirky grandmother types. The later two were the main purchasers of 9 out of 16 magnets. The moms were interested in prints of my letters. There is no set for sale, just individuals. Other interesting people visited our both and gave to us in different ways. One gentleman walked up smoking a pipe that was hand carved, it’s shape was a fairy winding around a mushroom. It was exquisite. Upon commenting on the pipe he then pulled from his bag three other amazingly carved pipes all dating back to the 1800’s.

At the end of the day Ehawk and I both felt pleased with our experience. The exposure and chance to send our art out into the world was excellent. It has given me the gumption to start an etsy account and finish up those letters and see about self publishing them as a book.