Completion of Stamps

Over the summer the only vacation resort I managed to get to was the Wii Sports Resort. I learned how to fly a plane and visited all of the suggested sights. As well as said hello to all the people on the island by popping their balloons, it made them happy, really, they jumped up and down for joy. Tonight I completed my fifth and final stamp for my flight training and I am honestly happy to have this finished and behind me. It was a lot of fun but, that goal was hanging over my head. This is why I don’t play a lot of games, I get way too serious about them. I have a desperate need to finish what I start.

Other more meaningful goals and projects I have had recently were also completed today. In the wee hours of the morning I finished Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of the 100 Books on the Everyone Should Read List I found at the beginning of summer. Since I found the list I have been reading every night after I finish drawing to chill out before bed. Finishing Dracula marks my 33rd book off the list. The next book I am going to read is a derivation from the 100 list, Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, I am jazzed to start this book.

My final goal finished today was signing up all four faculty members for the SCBWI New England Annual Spring Conference Illustrator Academy. Everyone is excited and ready to get to work planning the day. For now I am not going to reveal anything more about who or what.

Now to work on painting “I Love You Every Second”