This page was sadly neglected in my sketchbook. I drew this image out early in my sketchbook planning. However, because I had left so many pages to complete close to deadline I put all of my focus into developing and completeing ideas for those. Then I ran out of time to go back and finish this image. In part because, I have complicated plans for this page and I didn’t want to develop it in a rush and leaving it potentially looking weird. To me it made more sense to leave it as a sketch with the promise of something to come. I am hoping to finish the image separately in the coming months.

This Dinosaur is the Spinosaurus. It is the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex but, more like an alligator/crocodile with a giant fin on it’s back. I’m sure those of you that follow my blog understand why I love this dinosaur. Crocodile mixed into Dinosaur? Yes please!

It’s a fairly classic image idea. At the water line with a crocodile but, instead it’s a Spinosaurus. Nothing I have read suggests they swim like this but, I decided they must. It’s going to be fun to finish up this image.


Now the next few pages in the sketchbook have already been online.

However, since you all were so patient waiting to get your third sketchbook page I will show you an update to one of those earlier seen Dinos.

In December, as I made my Octopusnowflakes, I acquired a new and more amazing white pen. With it I was able to add white highlights to bring out the edges.

From here I plan to release my sketchbook pages on Tuesdays. I am setting up a more automatic system so you don’t have to wait. With a preschooler in the house between sickness and events we aren’t always consistent with free time. As I do this it makes me feel like I’m growing up. Getting more responsible with the blog, planning it advance.