Sketchbook Snippet

Today isn’t coming together quite how I wanted. So, rather than rush finishing a sketch for you I have chosen a snippet from my sketchbook to share.

On the left is a little girl surrounded by legs so tall you can’t even see their torsos(hard to see this is a very rough sketch). She is a character I have been thinking about for sometime. I don’t know her story yet, but I know her now and some of the folks around her. Next to her is Sparrow, “who shot Cock Robin with her bow and arrow.” I want to take this to a finished illustration. I have actually sketched Sparrow a couple of times, this is my current favorite. I want to have the sketch’s looseness in the my finished piece because it seems to fit the rawness of the story. This is a ¬†Sparrow, it is a variety from Costa Rica, the Rufous-collared Sparrow.