Squirrel Assassin

Here is my first comic page after checking out a couple of books and attending a couple of seminars about graphic novels. It is still in rough sketch form. I was hurrying it last night as I was suffering a headache. I wonder if it was partially from my marker. The smell definitely took me back to college.

For a class I had to make 30 compositions with squares of varying sizes using vellum and black prismacolor markers. My entire class sat in a room with the door closed covering paper with marker. I am surprised we were able to walk away from the room without falling over.

Anyway, back to the comic page. If you have any comments or criticisms please post!

Back from Kentucky

Hello readers! I am back from a week in Kentucky. I had planned to sketch everything around me. However, after my comedy of errors traveling experience Thursday and finding no cell or internet reception, I woke up Friday sketched this

and made a decision. I am going to take a week off from the internet and drawing. Many friends on twitter had described this as refreshing and they were right. Although, I am finding I have forgotten how to be online. I’m sure in just a few more days. . .

Since my sketching for the week ends here so does this post. But if you want to know more about my family you can check out my personal blog here.

Next week be ready for new Husband’s Choice and Animal Wednesday!

My First Illustration Friday

I have been wanting to join the illustration friday crew for a long time. This is my first attempt and it isn’t a finished illustration. I was able to make a rough color comp, but I know at least one person that will feel the nostalgia with me.

O.A.T.S. is a bluegrass festival in Pennsylvania run by the Grillbillies. I have loved the times I have gone. Staying up all night long listening to impromptu jam sessions is the best. Thank you for the wonderful times.


Although, I am feeling my sketch more:

I need to go back to the drawing board. My sketch composition is working better. In part because the cat is looking to the left and there is the danger, helping the eye to rotate around the page. In the full color piece, you are left hanging and your eyes are fighting between the cougar and the kayak. The sketch’s monotone palette allows the eye to better take in the action. Also there is more character in the animals in the sketch. Finally the pencils work better on the crappy paper I am trying to draw on. Lesson, free blank paged books are not always the right material for drawing in.

I will redo this one, when time allows. The idea is adorable thanks Evan! Perfect week to chime in, Matt never gave me a theme this week.

Fish with Personality

One more round of my Ripples is coming to Ripple.

Here are my sketches that led up to the finals.

Speaking of fish with personality, I showed Lucien Finding Nemo yesterday. He was upset about numerous scenes, when Nemo is taken, when the sharks try to eat Marlin and Dory, and when Marla tries to “wake up” Nemo. With each scene he jumped in my lap.

I remember wondering when I first watched this movie, if the shark scene would scare kids, because it scared me. I long ago realized that most kids would not be bothered, but yesterday I couldn’t believe my kid got the ibby gibbies.