Inktober US Endangered Species Promts

I want to bring attention to the Endangered Species Act. It is a 45 year old law that is being called into question and is being changed by the current federal legislators. Some changes have occurred through the House Committee of Natural Resources. Then the Supreme Court will hear a case beginning October 1st which, will set precedent for what kind of reach the ESA has to protect land for endangered animals. We need to be paying attention and getting involved, these will have lasting effects. 

To bring attention and start discussion I plan to spend Inktober, a drawing exercise started by Jake Parker, drawing some of the lesser known and under loved species that find themselves on the Endangered Species Act. I know it seems hard to imagine saving some of these species, but each does play a role in the cycle of their environments and I believe it is best if we can find a way to help them survive.

I would love it if more artists participate to help bring the awareness. This is definitely a problem that needs more minds on it; I think in the end the answer for the ESA and our planet’s species is going to come from a community push of citizen scientists, which can be anyone!

If you would like to participate here is the prompt list:


Rules, first follow the rules of Inktober

Our additional rule:

  1. Please include the hashtag #inktoberendangered and #protecttheESA 


If you are getting questions, send people back to my blog and instagram. I am going to go deeper with blog posts about each animal as well as some explanations about what is happening to the ESA right now.

If you want to get involved helping endangered and threatened species check in with your local Audubon Society. They are one of the best places to start and with new laws coming on the books they are going to need all the local help they can get for the species within their range.


Here are some good places to start learning about the ESA and where it is now:

Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Main Page

National Resources Committee, their news release page of approved new bills that will affect how the ESA is implemented.

The main bill that gives States more power or to have a say in how an endangered species is protected or not protected.

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