Slow down, it takes a lifetime

I was once told a story about Picasso. He was in the park sketching people using only one line. A passer by inquired about it and Picasso drew them in one line in just about a minute. Awed the subject asked if they could have the sketch. Picasso said yes for $5000 or some other large sum. The person was taken a back and commented that it had taken Picasso so little time how could it cost so much. To which Picasso responded it took so little time because I spent a life time learning how.

(I know this may not be the exact story and he is known for saying “it takes a lifetime to learn to draw like a child” but this is what I heard and what has stuck with me)

I’m in the middle of my lifetime learning. Gotta practice, practice, practice.


(my posts are going to be a little here and there until I get a new scanner. more frequent posts are happening on my tumblr and group tumblr CaseyG Draws and Fanartica. Follow along!)

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