Where Have I Been?

I can’t believe a month has gone by and then again I really can. My family and I finished packing up our belongs put them in a pod and the car on a truck and shipped them across the country. As our belongings made their journey we made a side flight to Europe, specifically Romania! Our friends invited us out for their wedding. The friends all arrived a few days early so we could travel out to Transilvania (spelled as they do in Romania) to see the castles that inspire Haunted Castles.

It was a wonderful trip. There was sketching of the architecture, furniture, armor, pictures of the Carpathians! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to travel to Romania. I loved it. We made friends with locals. Since, the bride is from Bucharest she introduced us to her friends. They welcomed us with open arms showing us around and helping with the language.

If you have never heard Romanian spoken is sounds a bit like Italian smushed together with Russian. It is absolutely beautiful. Noroc was one of the most commonly used phrases amongst us as we toasted our friends through their 12 hour wedding/celebration. At 4am we helped them close down the establishment.

Noroc AJ and Lumi! and Multumesc for taking us to Romania!

Tomorrow the story continues as we landed back in the states then, within 24 hours flew across the country to begin our adventure of living in California.

Also once I have a scanner again there will be a follow up to Romania.

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