Moving to California and MECAF

Well I was really hoping to have art to post yesterday and now today. It just isn’t happening. I think it is time I succumb to the fact that I am moving to California in about 35 days and am going to have to shift my focus from making art to packing up my life.

Folks I am moving to the Bay Area of California, San Jose, in under two months and you might not see a lot from me between now and when I am settled!

We are going from a 2000 sq ft house to a 2 room efficiency while we transition into more permanent housing. I am needing to decide what art materials are can’t-live-without and which ones I can leave in storage for a time. My mind is racing at a steady speed of 100 mph. We also are going to pass on a lot of our house hold wares. We are seeing this as a marvelous opportunity to pair down. Our first load went off to a donation center yesterday, 20 boxes worth! We are certain we have at least 20 more.

Then if moving isn’t enough there are still a few other ventures I am involved in until the move.

1) MECAF this weekend! Many of us from Fanartica will be participating stop by our tables.

2) Another Animals in Alphabet Sale should be underway in June. More details to come.

3) I am working with a vendor to make the Animals in Alphabet available as Vynl Wall Decals. How cool is that!?

Then of course transitioning from NESCBWI. I am going to dearly miss working with such a wonderful region. Thank you New Englanders for making my time volunteering for NESCBWI such a great experience!

Now I need to get back to work and also accept that I am 30! today!

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