Alphabeasts Choice

I know Alphabeasts are up to Q but, I’m still trying to finish up my O and P. The past two weeks have been so packed that I have just been trying to keep up. I have felt like people trying to run on a speeding tredmill. Hope you got as good a laugh as I did from watching that. haha

Now time to get to work!

2 thoughts on “Alphabeasts Choice

  1. Trying to do a regular thing is the best way to run out of time for it, eh? Nice sketches! And the treadmills… funny but I had to stop watching because my face was starting to hurt from sympathy pain!! lol

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I guess I’m bad because I think it’s funny when people fall down, including myself. If you see me fall down please feel free to laugh.

      The guy that flew through the weights was incredible; he went so far!

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