Drawn again and again and again

Sometimes you have to draw something again. Kelly Light has recently blogged about this in a super humorous way. Her point is very true statement.

I just went through a number of bad drawings and I’m still not sure I have achieved a final I love. If you remember my first idea didn’t work, the boys with the mirror, it was a departure from the story. Starting over, I sketched the new idea many times and then finished it as a full color illustration. However, it looked terrible, the faces were all wrong, their expressions didn’t quite make sense, and the coloring was overworked. I could have argued that the piece was passable, but not anymore. I sketched all the boys again working on their expressions and then I finished it again.

I think I may still be going back to it again.

It’s important to make mistakes, how else do you learn? Check out this awesome video that is all about how much you grow when you accept mistakes.

Happy drawing bad drawings; free yourself and let yourself make bad art.

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