Sketches of Dancers

This summer I am changing up my weekly themes completely. Tuesdays are So You Think You Can Dance cards or sketches until the show is over and as I said last week Wednesdays are now Kids instead of animals.

I did break days and posted a bunch of new cards on Sunday. Since, I don’t have new cards today I want to share sketches of poses that didn’t work for the card’s size. I still think they deserve mention. I love drawing dancers, the motion and the shapes they create are joys for me to draw. I am hoping to make some separate pieces of kids dancing from what I have learned drawing the SYTYCD Dancers all summer. I can already tell how much my observations of their movements is improving my knowledge of human form.

A couple of these sketches made it to be cards, some are people that have a card, and two are sneak peaks.




This last one makes me think of <a href=””>Justin Bua</a>, I can tell my lines were influenced by him.

Aside from the SYTYCD cards, I am on a track of drawing more and handling emails and blogs. Therefore, twitter has been suffering. Maybe that will get my attention tomorrow. My handling of social media is to go at them in day shifts. For tonight I must go to sleep. I stayed up until 3am last night, powered by a viewing of the new A-Team Movie and a desire to draw in my studio because it was no longer 90º. I hopefully will have what I was working on done for tomorrow’s post of kids. Until then!


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